The Festival

Limouzi Tango Festival is

6 milongas, one orchestra in quartet and sextet 2 singers,
6 DJs invited to the festival and demos and live music throughout the festival.

It is also 18 workshops with 3 couples of world famous maestros,
buffets and typical regional products to discover Limousin and its specialities, displays of
Argentine tango items and local products, but also many tours to do in Limousin.

The Limouzi Tango Festival is also

A unique atmosphere, extremely friendly, totally crazy, where nearly everything is permited.
A team of volunteers just as unique as the rest, attentive, warm, happy and always available to help you in whatever you could request. A lovely mascot named Yolanda who already loves you as much as you will certainely love her. And also our famous Paulette & Josiane !!!

And Limouzi is ...

Simply to be done ! Limouzi is us, it is France with the beautiful Limousin region and it is like tango at home except that you just have to relax and enjoy as we take care of everything.

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At Limouzi, you will receive a very warm welcome. At Limouzi, you will have a lot of fun, you will laught, you might cry of joy or emotion too. At Limouzi, you will meet friends who come every year. At Limouzi, anything can happen or even nothing as sometimes the simplest is the best. At Limouzi, we eat well ! At Limouzi, no edition is like another. At Limouzi, it's cosy, it's relaxing, freindly... It's kool! At Limouzi, it's the Limousin countryside, the greenery, the valleys and the fields. At Limouzi, there is potato pie, black pudding and cows and we are proud of it !

And at Limouzi ... well you have the nice volunteers and myself, and we do the best to satisfy all of you, because we love to take care of our friends. And finally at Limouzi there is a saying : "Le tango argentin en Limousin, c'est vachement bien !" Mooooo !

So here we are ... If you do not know us yet, you just have to come and meet us! And if you already know us, you just have to come back. You're almost there, the registration button is just a bit higher up. See you soon !

Yolanda - The Mascot